All These Years Later, Alan Jackson Still Gets Stage Fright

Even though he’s been one of the biggest stars in country for decades, Alan Jackson hasn’t gotten over stage fright.

In an interview with CBS Sunday Morning With Charles Osgood, which aired on July 12, the honky tonk modernist revealed that decades into his career, he still has jitters when he’s about to jump on stage.

“You know, I really believe I would have because I’m still self-conscious about going on stage, and things,” Jacksons said. “I love singing and I love sharing my songs with people, especially if it’s something that I wrote, but I still, I feel a little uncomfortable in front of people, you know?”

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What’s more surprising perhaps is that even though Jackson has been performing on a professional level since the late ’80s, he still hasn’t found a pre-show relaxing routine.

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