An Accident Before Faster Horses Festival Has a Happy Kenny Chesney Ending

Author: Jason the 200 lb. Cowboy

By: Jason Raithel

When Hailey and her boyfriend Chris headed to the store the night before the Faster Horses Festival, they never imagined what would happen to them.

They were driving down the road when another motorist, swerved and cut them off, causing Chris to swerve his car and they landed in a ditch. Chris received minor injuries. Hailey suffered a broken arm and broken leg.

A couple days after her her surgery while still in the hospital, The Dr. Don Show with Rachael and Grunwald called Hailey to wish her the best. But what Hailey didn’t know was that we felt so bad for that she missed the Faster Horses Festival that we wanted to hook her up with something almost as cool… tickets to Kenny Chesney‘s show at Ford Field in August!

Hailey Recovers From her Accident
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