Most Embarrassing Things That Parents Do!

Author: Linda Lee

How have your parents embarrassed you? It’s official, if you really want to embarrass your kids this is #1 on the list!

While mom and dad might think that learning how to ‘Whip & Nae-Nae‘ to show you how hip they are at the next family wedding, your kids may not be too impressed!  A survey shows that dads or moms busting out the dance moves is the #1 most cringe-worthy thing for a child to see.

Next up on the embarrassment scale is following them on social media, and not knowing WhatsApp from your what’s up.

Rob Stone says his dad would occasionally walk around the house in histighty whities’ which was not really a big deal, unless one of his friends happened to be at the house at the time!

When I was a kid, my Dad thought it was funny to throw my fully dressed teenage girlfriends into our backyard pool…and even though we did laugh, I was pretty embarrassed that he would do it ALL the time!

My daughter made it clear to me after we watched the movie “8 Mile” with Eminem, that my impersonations of the Real Slim Shady in front of her friends was NOT funny to her at all! Kinda hurt my feelings when she told me that they were all laughing AT me, and not with me!
What would your kids say that you do that embarrasses them?




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