A Presidential Candidate Going By ‘Deez Nuts’ Is Polling Disturbingly High With Voters

by Alyssa Pereira

The presidential vote isn’t even until next November, and yet, we’re already reveling in the farce pretending to be a serious election.

Although thus far the main event has been the clown car driver that is Donald Trump, there’s a dark horse among the GOP candidates.

Yes, it appears the people really like Deez Nuts, a candidate running as an Independent from Wallingford, Iowa, a small Midwestern with a population of 197.

Public Policy Polling, a national political polling company, found that Deez Nuts are quite highly regarded in preliminary rankings so far.

After polling several states, PPP found that in three states, people love Deez Nuts more than all but four GOP presidential candidates. That might not seem like much, but consider this: former Texas Governor Rick Perry didn’t even have one supporter.

In Iowa, 7% of those polled favored Deez Nuts. Around 8% of Minnesotans want Deez Nuts in power, and most surprisingly, an estimated 9% of those polled in North Carolina hope to see Deez Nuts inside the White House.

Apparently, people believe Deez Nuts has more spunk than other presidential hopefuls like Bobby Jindal, Rock Santorum, Grorge Pataki, Lindsey Graham, and Jim Gilmore, who all polled lower.

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