Maddie And Tae Get Touring Classes From Dierks Bentley

Author: Jason the 200 lb. Cowboy

If Dierks Bentley’s Sounds of Summer tour was a college course, openers Maddie and Tae would totally ace it! As fall semester starts for college students nationwide, the girls look to Dierks as their official professor of live entertainment.

Maddie and Tae say their phones are maxed out with notes on Dierks Bentley’s show. Tae Dye: “We moved to Nashville when we were 17 and we started being a duo at 15. And so, we say that being on tour with Dierks Bentley is like our college and we’re we go out and take notes and like, ‘Oh, do this! Do that!’”

Maddie Marlow: “Literally, our little phones, like the little notes are just full of ok, ‘Dierks Bentley Sounds of Summer this day.’ So we feel so lucky to get to do that.”

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