Dan + Shay Outraged by People Selling Their Autographs on eBay

By Staci Wuokko, CBS Radio Chicago

Dan + Shay are outraged after finding out people are making money from their autographs.

The duo decided to take action into their own hands by posting a message to those involved via Twitter.

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“To the EBay sellers who camp outside our hotels, shows and airports and inconsiderately demand autographs: Please stop,” expressed Dan Smyers and Shay Mooney. “We care about our fans and they do not deserve to be ripped off online. Meeting our fans is important to us, hence the reason we do 3 or more meet + greets per day.”

“To our fans: We love you and value the time we get to spend with you. If you feel you have been taken advantage of by an Ebay seller, let us know, and we will personally invite you to a meet + greet, or send you something autographed, for free.”

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