Big Kenny Debuts New TLC Reality Show

Author: Jason the 200 lb. Cowboy

Big Kenny’s new TLC reality showBig Kenny and Family” debuted last night, giving fans a little insight into the home life Kenny shares with wife Christiev, and their sons, Dakota, Lincoln, Christopher and Cameron.

Being that it was the first episode, most of it centered around the family introducing themselves, telling their history and introducing the people they work with including Christiev’s assistant, Kenny’s right-hand man Nacho and the band’s manager. John Rich also makes an appearance during a band meeting.

The main plot of episode revolved around Kenny’s ‘big idea’ to bring the family on tour with him in Australia (even though his manager tells him he’ll be too busy – and that Christiev and the kids have too many commitments ). But Kenny tells the kids about the trip anyway, which gets them excited to see kangaroos and such. In the end, Kenny finally realizes he was a bit hasty with the decision to go Down Under and breaks it to the kids that they can’t go to on the trip, but makes it up to them with a trip to the Nashville Zoo, where they get to see and meet kangaroos anyway.

The other scenes in the episode revolve around a date night, where Kenny is asked to sing with the house band, the moving of a tree in the front of their house, Christiev putting together outfits for Kenny and getting an offer to work for Jon Bon Jovi, Sunday morning breakfast before church, everyone trying to get to church on time (which they don’t) and Kenny putting his boys to sleep. So if you wanna see Kenny’s life – great! Tune into TLC on Wednesdays. But be warned (in a good way) – you aren’t likely to get the drama more common on other reality shows.

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