About Time! Facebook Will Soon Unveil ‘Dislike’ Button

Author: Linda Lee

By: Linda Lee

Never felt right to click ‘like’ when someone posts about the death of a loved one or a sad situation…

You’ve been clicking “like” for years on Facebook and soon you will have the opportunity to click “dislike.”

Getty Images – Justin Sullivan

Founder Mark Zuckerberg says people have been asking for a dislike button for several years. This is the first time the company has admitted the button is in development.

This is not a negative thing at all, in fact it’s quite the opposite. The button won’t be designed to express negative thoughts, but rather “expressing empathy” because not every moment is a good moment.

I personally, would never ‘like’ a post about the death of a friends loved one, or illness or sad situation. And sometimes I skipped writing something and just ‘said nothing at all’ since I certainly did not LIKE to see sad news. So I think this is overdue and hope they unveil it soon!

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