Walking Dead Fan? Hunt Some Walkers on a Paintball Zombie Safari at Blake’s!

Author: Jason the 200 lb. Cowboy

Rachael Hunter and myself headed out to Armada to Blake’s Apple Orchard and their Haunted Blake’s attractions. Not only do they have the most delicious hard cider at their Blake’s Ciderhouse and Winery and the amazing apples and other yummy things, they also have a terrifying 3-story haunted barn, a 3-d haunted maze and a haunted hayride.

Rachael Hunter, Jason 200 and his friends are ready to get some zombies on the Zombie Paintball Safari!

Also, if you are a fan of The Walking Dead then you would want their Zombie Paintball Safari! You are armed with a paintball gun and you get taken through their zombie lands. While on the Zombie Safari, you must keep you head on a swivel as zombie attack you from all sides.

Rachael Hunter, Jason 200 and his friends are loaded on the Deuce and a Quarter ready to destroy zombies!

Rachael and I, along with 8 of my friends, took to to the course in hopes of conquering the zombies!

Afterwards, we went through the 3-story haunted barn. I have always been a fan of haunted houses. However, Rachael is absolutely terrified of them. So of course I told her I would be the blocker for the group. Little did she know, I would be guiding her towards the front of the line and I was recording the whole thing!

Jason and Rachael with our zombie instructor, Smokey!

After you’re done with getting scared out of you minds, enjoy fresh cider donuts and apple cider. Blake’s also has one of the biggest selections of fresh apples and baked goods, jellies and jams, fudge and candied apples. They also have a ten set up for hot food and we must say that the chili-cheese fries were to die for!

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