The Man Bun Trend Has Gone Too Far!

Author: Rob Stone

Alright we get it. If you’re a hipster you are in the process of growing your hair out or already have and tie it up in a bun because it’s the most popular men’s hairstyle along with the comb over. I think man buns are great and all, but scrolling through Groupon today I noticed the “Clip-On Man Bun” for $9.99.

The description read, “For the man who wears many hats, no bun.” Apparently they’re flying off the shelves and you can get your very own fake man bun in black, brown and blonde. What about the gingers!? In my opinion this has taken the trend just a bit too far. If you purchase a man bun I do believe your man card instantly is taken away. Go chop some wood or something and get back in touch with your masculinity!

Or be like these guys…

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