5 Things To Know About Hunter Hayes

Author: Jason the 200 lb. Cowboy

In a new Billboard interview, Hunter Hayes shared five facts people might not know.

1. He’s a huge fan of HGTV.

2. He loves Bryan White

3. Hunter can’t play fiddle, but he can play 30 other instruments really well.

4. He really wants to create a James Bond theme.

5. His mom’s gumbo is his all-time favorite meal.

Cooking totally runs in the Hayes family. Every year, he looks forward to Thanksgiving at grandma’s. “Both my grandmothers are excellent cooks. One in particular will cook for days for this meal, and it is epic. If I want to impress any of my friends and let them get to know my family, this is meal I take them to, like, ‘Hey! You’ve got to come over for Thanksgiving just to hang out for a bit.’”

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