Frocephus’ Top 10: Tech Toys This Holiday Season

Author: Frank Williams Jr.

By: Frank Williams Jr.

Can you believe this Thursday is Thanksgiving? …. Well, believe it…. THE HOLIDAY’S ARE HERE!!

Now, I know, all this snow on the ground is nice and pretty to look at. But, usually all that stops after the first week.

Also, if you work in retail. Getting ready for Black Friday does nothing, I repeat…NOTHING to boost your holiday spirit! Bah-Humbug!!

That being said, if you find yourself in a retail store this weekend… Take it from me, avoid the Electronics Aisle!

Because, here are the Top 10 “Must Have Tech Toys of the Holiday Season”:

1. Video game consoles

I promise..this WILL NOT rot your mind!

2. TVs

If you can find a TV that looks like this, I would be happy…

3. Tablets

Remember when a Palm Pilot was THE thing to have?

4. Laptops

She looks so happy! I can tell that computer’s not running slow yet….

5. Smartphones

It’s never too late to join this party!

6. Headphones

These are actually on my list! Santa rocks em’ better though….


7. DVD/Blu-ray Disc players

Who said these were going out of style? Plus, you can kill Two-Birds-With-One-Stone by getting a PS4 (#1)


8. Digital cameras

Let’s face it…A phone doesn’t always take the best pictures!

9. Digital toys of video game figurines

I think I want some of these toys more than your kids do!…

10. Smart watches

If anybody is thinking about getting me something…this would be it!

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