People Admit To Downright Nasty Shopping Behavior

Author: Linda Lee

By: Linda Lee

Who would deliberately trip an elderly person to snag a gift while shopping?

Get ready for all the nasty people coming out of the woodwork for holiday shopping.
In a recent online survey, 23 percent of Americans said they would behave unethically to score the last hot holiday gift on the shelf. And, parents with children under 18 tended to be the most unscrupulous shoppers of all.

Here are the lengths to which parents would go to snag the last hot gift:

17 percent would lie to other shoppers.
16 percent would cut in line.
16 percent would pretend to be a store clerk.
8 percent would knock down an adult.
8 percent would push a child over.
7 percent would trip an elderly person.

How far would you be willing to go?



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