By Linda Lee

By: Linda Lee

With more of us re-gifting this holiday season, here’s some basic ‘re-gifting’ etiquette that will prevent embarrassing situations!

How you can avoid a hugely embarrassing situation, true story that happened to me when I re-gifted a Christmas present that was giving to me by my daughter.

Here are some great  suggestions  and ‘re-gifting rules’ to live by!

Good Gifts Only – Re-gifting is perfectly acceptable, yet while this is a practical solution — you must give good gifts only. In other words, nothing from last year or two years ago. This is not an opportunity to clean out your closet.

Re-gift With Care – Gifts must be unused, and in their original condition. And never, ever re-gift one-of-a-kind items or something that was handmade especially for you. That’s just wrong.

Match Unwanted Gifts With Recipients – Only re-gift items if you think the recipient will use, and appreciate the item. In other words, put some thought into this. Haphazard re-gifting is insensitive and obvious.

Avoid Embarrassing Situations – To avoid potential embarrassment — like the item making its way back to the original give. Only re-gift outside your immediate circle of family and friends.

Don’t Delay – If you wait too long, you may actually forget who the gift originally came from.

My worst experience with ‘re-gifting’ is one my daughter Gina will NEVER let me forget! A couple of years ago, Gina gave me a nativity set, along with quite a few other, very nice and thoughtful gifts. We have 3 very special nativity scenes, that I display every year in our home. I really did not think that Gina put much thought into that particular gift, as I had 3 already, and no place to display yet another. So at an annual Christmas party I host for my friends and neighbors, I used the nativity as one of the prizes for one of the games we played, that required 6 prizes. When my friend Bonnie opened her ‘prize’, and said, “wow, this is a really nice nativity set“…

Gina who happened to be next to Bonnie replied: (LOUD enough for EVERYONE to hear) “oh my God…MOM, I cannot believe you ‘re-gifted’ the present I gave YOU for Christmas last year… ‘re-gifted’ Jesus, how could you?” Definitely my MOST embarrassing moment, not to mention, realizing that I hurt my wonderful daughter’s feelings.

What is your MOST embarrassing ‘re-gifting’ experience?

Comments (2)
  1. Michele says:

    Something I re-gifted to my sister and she said,”Didn’t I give this to you last year?”

  2. Elizabeth says:

    Hi all
    Have you ever re-gifted before? Taken a gift that someone has given you and then gifted it to someone else? If yes then I need a favour.

    I’m doing research on gift-giving behaviour for my Masters of Commerce at the University of Canterbury, New Zealand. I am looking for participants to take my online questionnaire. It takes about 10 minutes to complete, it is not too challenging.

    You can find the questionnaire here

    If you wish, at the end of the survey you can enter into the draw to win one of three $50 USD gift certificates as a thank-you.

    All information will be kept confidential so please answer the questions truthfully. Your responses will be very much appreciated.

    So please take it!

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