Avoid Embarrassing Moments With These Christmas Re-Gifting Rules!

Author: Linda Lee

By: Linda Lee

With more of us re-gifting this holiday season, here’s some basic ‘re-gifting’ etiquette that will prevent embarrassing situations!

How you can avoid a hugely embarrassing situation, true story that happened to me when I re-gifted a Christmas present that was giving to me by my daughter.

Here are some great  suggestions  and ‘re-gifting rules’ to live by!

Good Gifts Only – Re-gifting is perfectly acceptable, yet while this is a practical solution — you must give good gifts only. In other words, nothing from last year or two years ago. This is not an opportunity to clean out your closet.

Re-gift With Care – Gifts must be unused, and in their original condition. And never, ever re-gift one-of-a-kind items or something that was handmade especially for you. That’s just wrong.

Match Unwanted Gifts With Recipients – Only re-gift items if you think the recipient will use, and appreciate the item. In other words, put some thought into this. Haphazard re-gifting is insensitive and obvious.

Avoid Embarrassing Situations – To avoid potential embarrassment — like the item making its way back to the original give. Only re-gift outside your immediate circle of family and friends.

Don’t Delay – If you wait too long, you may actually forget who the gift originally came from.

My worst experience with ‘re-gifting’ is one my daughter Gina will NEVER let me forget! A couple of years ago, Gina gave me a nativity set, along with quite a few other, very nice and thoughtful gifts. We have 3 very special nativity scenes, that I display every year in our home. I really did not think that Gina put much thought into that particular gift, as I had 3 already, and no place to display yet another. So at an annual Christmas party I host for my friends and neighbors, I used the nativity as one of the prizes for one of the games we played, that required 6 prizes. When my friend Bonnie opened her ‘prize’, and said, “wow, this is a really nice nativity set“…

Gina who happened to be next to Bonnie replied: (LOUD enough for EVERYONE to hear) “oh my God…MOM, I cannot believe you ‘re-gifted’ the present I gave YOU for Christmas last year…..you ‘re-gifted’ Jesus, how could you?” Definitely my MOST embarrassing moment, not to mention, realizing that I hurt my wonderful daughter’s feelings.

What is your MOST embarrassing ‘re-gifting’ experience?

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