Weight-Watching Tricks To Learn Before Christmas Dinner

Author: Frank Williams Jr.

By: Frank Williams Jr.

The eating and drinking done during Christmas Day alone can add up to more than 7,000 calories per person.

Here are a few tips to help you refrain from putting on the holiday pounds this year:
  1. Don’t multitask. Put down the phone, close the computer, turn off the TV and focus on your food.
  2. Sit Down. Don’t eat while standing at the counter or while looking through the fridge. Set a place for yourself at the table.
  3. Eat with chopsticks. Forks and spoons can be like little shovels when you eat too fast, and that allows you to take too much per bite – way too speedily! Using chopsticks, no matter what cuisine you’re eating, can help you learn to put smaller amounts in your mouth, one mouthful at a time.
  4. Chew wisely. Count your bites as you chew. Try and take at least 20 seconds to process each mouthful.


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