New BFFs? Gwen Likes Miranda’s Tweet, Though She Doesn’t Follow Her

By Roxanne Steele
This is strange, but strange things happen on social media.  As we know Miranda Lambert followed Gwen Stefani on Twitter and now it looks like Gwen is keeping tabs on Miranda! NO follow back yet.  The Used To Love You singer liked one of Miranda’s tweets!!!

The tweet is a link to an Instagram picture of Miranda’s grandmother posing with her country-singing granddaughter.

It’s captioned”  “Her name embroidered inside is priceless. A family heirloom I will cherish forever.  I’m so thankful for her and all the things I have learned from her. Nonny is strong, beautiful, feisty and most of all, loving. #grandmastreasures #diamondsfurandwhiskey #wandathewanderer.”

That certainly is a sweet tweet to like.  If it was the one of Miranda and her new boyfriend that would be weird.  What do you guys think of this whole situation?  Entertaining if anything.

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