Rory Feek Describes Ailing Wife’s ‘Roller Coaster’ Holidays

By Erin Duvall

Though Joey+Rory‘s Joey Martin Feek who has been battling cancer, has set a goal to live long enough to see the Grammys (and with luck, win one), the songstress had a rough patch over the last few weeks.

“The holidays have been a roller-coaster for my bride,” Rory Feek writes on his ThisLifeILive blog. “She’s had some good days, some bad days – some wonderful moments, and some deep pain that the morphine just couldn’t seem to touch. How could it… it wasn’t that kind of pain.”

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He goes on to explain the emotional pain that comes to all around the holidays and how this year it affected Joey in a new way.

“Though she managed a smile most of the time, Joey’s heart was heavy and she was feeling some things she hadn’t before…,” he writes. “A sadness. A fear of the unknown. And even some anger – not at God, just at her situation I suppose. It’s not easy for her to be as excited about what the new year holds in store as it was last year.”

He concludes that she declared that she’s made it out of the funk and is happily receiving guests.


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