Hank Williams Jr. Is Now A ‘High Tech Hillbilly’

Author: Linda Lee

By: Linda Lee

Even Hank Jr.’s friends are surprised about this!

Bocephus isn’t the kind of guy you’d think would be a slave to his phone, and he’s not.

Until recently, if you wanted to get in touch with Hank, you’d have to call the house or his manager. He finally had a reason to get a smart phone and he loves it. A glance though his photos and you’ll find everything from the prize of his last hunt, to items in his Civil War collection.

But most of all, he loves writing songs on it and even used it for his new album coming out on the 15th. A pretty valuable piece of technology when you consider the writings of a Nashville Songwriter’s Hall of Fame member are on there! And as far as learning how to use it…he says he caught on pretty quick, but his friends are still surprised that he has one…


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