Carrie Underwood’s New Workout With Towels, Not Weights

Author: Jason the 200 lb. Cowboy

Carrie Underwood looks like a multi-tasking master in a new Instagram video. The workout clip shows her doing lunges, sliding bridges, sliding planks and plank jacks with towels on hardwood floors. She says, “If you’ve got towels and a smooth floor surface, you’ve got yourself a workout!” Bonus — it makes her floors look shiny and clean!

Carrie Underwood says her new lifestyle line Calia is great for multitaskers on the go. “We call it a lifestyle brand so they can get things done during the day that they need to get done. They can work out in the morning, they can go meet their friend, they can go to the grocery store, they can pick up their kids all in the same outfit.”

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