Vote on the Showdown! ~ January 12, 2016

I’d like to believe Brandy Clark visiting our studio was the reason she’s gotten this far on the Showdown.

But, it’s really not… Her voice is absolutely amazing and that has NOTHING to do with her walking into our studio! By the way, she co-wrote “Mama’s Broken Heart” and  “Better Dig Two

It takes a lot for any song to make me stop dead in my tracks… but that’s exactly what “Girl Next Door” did.

Tonight she goes for her spot into the Hall of Fame!

To be honest. If she doesn’t get in… It would be a travesty. But I still need to pose some kind of challenge!

Challenger #5 is country music veteran Jennifer Nettles with her latest single “Sugar“!


Tonight’s a big night! Be sure to tune in at 10:40!

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