Meet Maren Morris Country Music’s Next Big Thing! [VIDEO]

By: Roxanne Steele
So who’s going to be the next Taylor Swift? Ok it’s hard to top Taylor, BUT there’s a new country cutie I’m absolutely in love with (musically) who is making a lot of noise!! Her name is Maren Morris and she’s a triple threat as a songwriter, singer and musician. Oh and she’s drop dead gorgeous!!!

Morris stopped by WYCD a couple weeks ago and treated us to an acoustic performance and we were all blown away! Wearing black leather leggings, thigh high boots with a red and black plaid shirt, Morris is a tiny little thing with a BIG voice! She was very down to earth and shared stories of her journey as a songwriter which took her from Texas to Nashville a few years ago. I unfortunately lost the videos I took #devastated but thankfully I posted a clip on my Instagram.

Maren Morris just released her first single, My Church, and is about to go on tour with Keith Urban!! What an amazing opportunity for this up and coming country singer who I predict is going to be a big star!!! The tour stops here June 23rd at DTE! Check out her music and let us know what you think of Maren Morris!

I really love this song called I Wish I Was which Maren shared that she wrote it for her ex boyfriend. Take a listen.

Her five song EP is available now on iTunes so be sure to support this new country artist!

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