What Are The Most Common Things Women Yell At Their Husbands For?

Author: Frank Williams Jr.
By: Frank Williams Jr.
As a guy, I don’t really feel like doing much on the Weekend.
My wife on the other hand. Sees this as the perfect opportunity to spend quality time.
 I can’t say I blame her.
However, compared to how some (MOST) women have it. She can’t complain too much!
Redbook Magazine recently released a list of Things Women Frequently Are Irritated By Their Husbands Over.
They are:
-“He never helps around the house.”  (She lucked out with this one…I clean the house all the time, and that’s fine. In fact, I enjoy it!)
-“He plays too many video games.”  (This on the the other hand, is something she has to deal with… Especially on Saturdays, and I think this is Katie’s BIGGEST complaint!)
-“His family drives me nuts.”  (We’re a BIG LOUD Italian Family…Again, this is me… ALL DAY)
-“He brings too much junk food into the house.”  ( I wish I could say this is true. But as a former Jenny Craig Weight-Loss Counsultant. She’s got the fridge…AND FREEZER…on lock!)
-“He doesn’t know anything about the kids.”  (Not yet. But I’m learning!! I have to learn fast too… Baby Williams Jr.  Due: June 7th, 2016)
-“A little appreciation would be nice.” (Again, this is one she thankfully doesn’t have to worry about!)
After reading these, I just realized how little my wife complains about me.
Well at least not to my face…I guess I owe her something real nice for Valentines Day!
Something more than White Castle….
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