Check Out These ALL-TIME Best Excuses For Being Late To Work!

Author: Frank Williams Jr.

By Frank Williams Jr.

When you’re late for work, do you blame it on oversleeping, or bad weather and traffic?

I’ll be honest, we’ve all been there, but if you’ve ever been late for work because “all your clothes were stolen” or “your hair caught fire while you were blow-drying it”...

Well, then  you may be on the list of “Employees’ Top Excuses For Being Tardy To Work“, according to CareerBuilder:

-“I thought of quitting today, but then decided not to, so I came in late.” (If that’s case, you can just go home…)

“I was detained by Homeland Security.” 

“I had to chase my cows back into the field.” 

-“A black bear entered my carport and decided to take a nap on the hood of my car.”

“There was fresh powder on the hill. I had to go skiing.” (There were fresh resume’s on my desk. I had to fire you!)

“There was a store grand opening and I wanted to get the opening day sales.” (You should ask if they’ll hire you…)

“I was confused by the time change and unsure if it was “spring forward” or “fall back.” (I can’t say much…I’ve used this line.)

“A Vaseline truck overturned on the highway and cars were slipping left and right.” 

As you may have noticed. Some of these are so bad I couldn’t think of anything to say about them.

However, if you ever find yourself running a little behind for work…


Use this as a reference for things NOT TO SAY!

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