‘Embarrassing’ Video of 13 Year Old Dylan Larkin Goes Viral

We all know that anything you do nowadays has the chance of resurfacing. At 13 years old I’m pretty sure our stud from the Wings, Dylan Larkin wasn’t really thinking about that. He was just a kid shooting pucks in his basement with his buddy.

I have to tell you I LOVE that this YouTube video got out. I think it shows a young kid who’s always been about hockey, and now Larkin, 19, is one of the HOTTEST players not only on the Red Wings but in the NHL. Larkin shot this video with childhood friend Evan Gizinski in the basement of Gizinski’s Utica home. The nicknames are priceless! Larkin is “D-Boss” and Gizinski “EG Slayer.” Take a look!

Here’s what Larkin had to say after Wednesday’s gameday skate at the Joe.

“It’s been embarrassing watching it, but you just have to laugh it off.”

His teammates are loving this too!

“Guys won’t stop talking about it. A new nickname, a lot of laughs.”

“D-Boss is going around here in the locker room,” said captain Henrik Zetterberg. “He was a little rattled when it came out first, but he’s young, and he was even younger when that video was made.”

Zetterberg added. “We just keep telling him it’ll work out in the long run.”

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