Who Should Win ‘Album of the Year’ at the Grammys? Vote Now!

By:Roxanne Steele

With the 58th annual Grammy Awards here, I thought I would take a deeper look at all the nominees. One thing you’ll learn about me is I like all genres of music, that’s why I became a radio disc jockey! I know some music fans tend to lean one way, I sway in all directions! Vote down below.

Our country mountain man, Chris Stapleton, is someone who is very deserving of winning this big award. His album Traveller has earned him so much respect in the music industry. Stapleton brought back that old time country sound that music fans have fallen in love with. You put on Stapleton’s album Traveller, and you feel like your back in the 70’s! It’s a masterpiece and I’m thrilled that his country and bluegrass roots have been recognized at this high level. Not bad for a debut album! Let’s take a listen to Stapleton and one of my favorites, “Tennessee Whiskey.”

Alabama Shakes is a rock/soul group that a lot of people don’t even know about. They also have a GREAT chance at winning. The Grammys doesn’t always look at radio airplay and record sales. Grammy voters really look at the sound of the album as a whole. Their sound is retro soul and very unique and really cool. Their incredible body of work on the album Sound and Color should be recognized at The Grammys. If they win people will be saying, “who is Alabama Shakes?” Do yourself a favor and check their music catalog out! You might be pleasantly surprised once you hear Alabama Shakes insanely good music. This is one of my faves from Sound & Color called “Gimmie All Your Love.”

Next up is hip-hop finest (and no not Drake or Kanye) Kendrick Lamar who leads the way with the most nominations at this years Grammys. Lamar earned 11 nominations! He’s bound to win a few and it very well could be Album of the Year! Lamar’s clever lyrical approach to his sound is unmatched in todays rap world. Lamar’s poetic in a fantastic way, and the production on his album is outstanding! Take a listen to ‘i’ off To Pimp a Butterfly.

Taylor Swift is the biggest pop star on the planet right now and definitely deserves this nomination for Album of the Year for 1989. I applaud Swift for expanding her career with this amazing pop album that is so much fun to listen to! It was a risk for her as a successful country artist to try something new. Even her record label was skeptical, but Taylor calls the shots and she knew she had gold with this album. Hit after hit after hit! She damn well could win and she deserves to! I have so many favorites on 1989 but I’m gonna have to go with this PERFECT song “Style” from 1989.

The Weeknd had a breakout year with Beauty Behind The Madness and I was happy for him that he earned this BIG nomination for Album of the Year! If he wins I’ll be shocked and not because I don’t think he’s good enough to win it, I just don’t see Grammy voters picking him. But then again they have stunned us all in the past so who knows. It’s a huge honor just be nominated so The Weeknd should be so proud of that! I’m proud of him and all the success he’s enjoyed with this album. This song is my jam “Can’t Feel My Face” a great dance record off Beauty Behind The Madness.

So there you have it. A quick look at our nominees for Album of the Year. Vote below on who you think should win! Catch the Grammys next Monday night Feb. 15th 8pm ET on CBS!

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