Justin Moore Talks 10 Man Jam, Daughter’s Breakfast And Zombie Apocalypse

Author: Jason the 200 lb. Cowboy

Justin Moore took some time during his busy morning to talk with Chuck, Rachael and Grunwald. Justin is no stranger to getting up early as he often gets his daughters, Ella and Kennedy‘s lunches ready for school. What are they having? Justin says, “Ella is in kindergarten, so she goes everyday. Her favorite thing is soup. Kennedy doesn’t always go, but she loves peanut butter and jelly.”

This past Sunday was the mid-season premiere of The Walking Dead. Carrie Underwood was on the after show, The Talking Dead, and said that in a zombie apocalypse she would want Luke Bryan to be there with her. We asked Justin the same question and he says Trace Adkins is his pick.

Justin will be a part of the 10 Man Jam this Thursday. This is not his first time on the show. The last time Justin performed at the 10 Man Jam, he ran into a few problems. First, his guitar was stolen. Thankfully he recovered it with the help of our listeners and station. Second, his tour bus caught fire. Let’s hope this year is better for him!

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