Country Showdown~ February 22, 2016

Author: Frank Williams Jr.

Last Friday was a big night for your champion, Kane Brown. Not only did his song “Used To Love You Sober” debut on WYCD. It won its first ever attempt on the Country Showdown.

Check out the awesome music video!

A few things about the artist:


However, tonight’s’ challenger is no walk in the park…

Looking to make it VERY tough to score #2, is another group with a HUGE Twitter following!

Up next, it’s Dan + Shay‘s latest single “From The Ground Up

The follow up to “Nothing Like You” was written after having a long conversation about each other’s grandparents.

“It’s a song we wrote at an emotional time, my grandfather had just passed away and Shay’s grandfather was in the hospital,” Dan told Rolling Stone. “We were chatting about how our grandparents were married for 60-plus years.”

“That kind of love you don’t see as much now,” says Shay. “You see all the divorce in the media and we wanted to write a true love song, and set that example that we saw from our grandparents. ”

That alone might make it tough for Kane. One thing’s for sure..It’s going to be a good match-up tonight!

Don’t forget to listen to the WYCD Premiere of “From The Ground Up” Tonight around 10:40!

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