America’s Pizza Topping Preferences

Author: Jason the 200 lb. Cowboy

A recent Harris Poll revealed that pizza is America’s favorite comfort food, and apparently folks are pretty particular about what they put on it. It also reveals that for the majority of Americans, pepperoni is by far their favorite topping, followed by sausage in second, mushrooms in third, plain cheese in fourth and onions in fifth.

America’s Favorite Pizza Toppings

1. Pepperoni
2. Sausage
3. Mushrooms
4. Cheese
5. Onions
6. Olives
7. Bacon
8. Ham/Canadian Bacon
8. Pineapple
10. Peppers

When it comes to the most hated topping, most people will agree that the worst thing to put on a pizza is anchovies. After that, the list contains most of the same toppings on the favorites list, which just goes to show you, to each his own. Mushrooms ranked as the second least favorite, with pineapple, onions and olives rounding out the Top Five.

As for what’s below those toppings, the majority of Americans prefer a thin crust pizza (29%), followed by a regular crust (18%), deep dish (15) and a stuffed crust (14%). Interestingly, Millennials are the ones most interested in what’s in their pizza not on top, with a stuffed crust pizza the preferred crust of young folks (26%).

Of course the biggest pizza debate overall is where to get the best pies, and it seems the Windy City needs to step aside. New York topped the poll for the best state for a pie, followed by Illinois and California. Of course your answer to this question does depend on where you live. Easterners are most likely to pick New York as the best pizza state, while Midwesterners would pick Illinois. But we all know that Detroit style pizza is the best!

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