Exclusive: Steven Tyler Talks Joe Perry ‘Beef,’ What’s for Breakfast & More

Author: Rob Stone

By: Rob Stone

When I was told the legendary rock god, Steven Tyler of Aerosmith was going to give me a call, I almost could not believe it. I’ve been a fan of classic rock bands like Aerosmith ever since I can remember, so it was a true honor to chat with one of the greatest of all time.

As you may have heard, Steven is in Nashville finishing up his solo country album. Yes I said country album! Although it may seem odd to some including his Aerosmith band mates, Tyler says it’s a great fit and he’s doing what he wants.

During our chat we covered a lot, including the ‘beef’ with Joe Perry, what’s for breakfast at the Tyler residence and how his unique fashion style helps him ‘walk in others shoes.’

Of course we also covered the big question of  “WHY COUNTRY?” “WHY NOW?” Check out our full interview below and enjoy.

Check out Steven’s latest single to country radio called “Red White And You”

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