The Country Showdown: March 31, 2016

Author: Frank Williams Jr.

By: Frank Williams Jr. 

Could it even be possible?

Carrie Underwood’s career, although never slowed down, seems to be taking off yet again! Seriously, she’s everywhere, and you can’t help but feel that her new single “Church Bells” is one of the best off “Storyteller”.

Carrie has been quoted as saying, “”I want three-and-a-half-minute movies on the radio.” Well, this one’s the story of Jenny, who quietly gets rid of her abusive husband by slipping, “something in his Tennessee whiskey.”

Think about it…

Who else is someone that is EXTREMELY huge in country? Keith Urban. Well, last night “Church Bells” won over his new single “Wasted Time” by 62%. Also, be sure to see her perform it LIVE at the ACM Awards Sunday on CBS!

However, with a new champion comes a new challenger. And I was thinking. Who better than country new comer Brett Young? His debut single “Sleep Without You” is getting a ton of recongnition and just recently he made an appearance in the WYCD studio!

Believe it or not. Brett almost followed a completely different career path. Kind of like Sam Hunt, but instead of football Brett almost made it  as a Major League pitcher. Unfortunatly, reconstructive surgury on his elbow cut that dream short. Luckily for everyone, he can still play guitar (and sing)!

It’s time he gets a shot on The Country Showdown!

Tune in tonight 10:40. And be sure to VOTE NOW!

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