Billy Ray Cyrus Speaks Out Against Anti-LGBT ‘Bathroom Bills’

By Hayden Wright

Country music veteran Billy Ray Cyrus is the latest artist to speak out about the recent anti-LGBT legislation in Southern American states. Mississippi and North Carolina have recently passed “bathroom bills” barring transgender people from using bathrooms that reflect their gender identity.

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The elder Cyrus joins his daughter Miley, an outspoken advocate for LGBT equality, in opposition to the legislation. Fellow artists Bryan Adams and Bruce Springsteen have also taken a stand.

“I would feel negligent to not speak up,” Cyrus wrote in a Facebook post. “In light of my good friend, Bryan Adams, taking a stand and my daughter having been on the ground floor of this movement, this issue is very important to me.”

The “Achy Breaky Heart” crooner called for equality in his short, powerful message to fans.

“As a friend and dad… I’ve witnessed this fight from the very beginning. I think everyone should be treated equal. We’ve come too far; we can’t mess this up.”

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