Kacey Musgraves & Florida Georgia Line Among Country Music’s Weed-Tolerant Acts

Author: Jason the 200 lb. Cowboy

Kacey Musgraves headlines a sold-out 4/20 show tonight at Denver’s Bluebird Theater. She’s among country music’s few herb advocates, including Florida Georgia Line, who feel right at home in weed-tolerant states.

Florida Georgia Line say they don’t really get much flack over their pro-marijuana stance. Tyler: “I think it’s become pretty widely accepted and that’s just one of those things, we get more critics and things talking about all kinds, everything but that almost. So it’s pretty … it’s interesting. We enjoy going to California.”

Brian: “…And Colorado.”

Tyler: “We’ll leave it at that I guess (laughs).”

Kacey has her own “High Time” cigarette rolling papers and a $20 commemorative poster for tonight’s show.

She starts the first country concerts at T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas this weekend with George Strait.

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