Three Keys To Spotting A Liar

Author: Linda Lee

By: Linda Lee

It would be a lot easier if a liars nose really grew like Pinocchio! But sadly they don’t, so if you seriously think that someone is feeding you a line of dog-doo, here are a few real tell-tale signs!

Spotting a lie isn’t as quick and easy as it looks on television but experts have revealed the giveaway you can use.


The three keys to spotting a liar are:

  1. You need a baseline, a sense of what people look and talk like when their guard is down and they are telling the truth. Once it is established, the idea is to ask open-ended questions and look for cues, changes in verbal and nonverbal behavior.
  2. Liars may split hairs, decline to answer, change the subject or tone, protest a question, even put up their hands while protesting.
  3.   There’s a myth that fidgeting is a sign of lying, but the key is change, not a specific action.
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