The Country Music World Reacts To The Death Of Prince

Author: Jason the 200 lb. Cowboy

The music industry has suffered many iconic blows lately, with the loss of Merle Haggard, David Bowie, Glenn Frey and many, many more! Now comes word that Prince passed away early yesterday morning (April 21st, 2016). Many of today’s country artists loved his music and some were even maybe influenced by him.

Darius Rucker’s love of Prince isn’t a secret, considering he often ends his concerts with a cover of the legend’s “Purple Rain,” so needless to say the news of Prince’s death yesterday at the age of 57 hit him hard.

“He made me stand up and listen when the ‘Controversy’ album came out,” Darius tells “Rolling Stone Country,” of Prince’s 1981 collection. “And then he made me want to be in a band more than anything with ‘Purple Rain.’ I will forever be indebted to him for showing me true greatness.”

Darius also tweeted…


Lady Antebellum‘s Hillary Scott was giving an interview when she found out about Prince’s death and recalled Darius performing “Purple Rain” at the end of his shows. “He’s in a genre all his own. He’s a genre all his own. And we used to cover that song in our shows. One of my most vivid memories with his music was when we were on tour– it was the Own The Night tour with Darius Rucker and he had closed his set every night with ‘Purple Rain.’ And this kind of a light-hearted moment — one of the last shows of the tour — Charles went out dressed as Prince. So, obviously Prince being much smaller in stature than Charles (he’s 6’6”), it was just one of the most light-hearted, sweet, funny, hilarious moments. But I say all that to say, I don’t know, really. There’s no one comparable to him. He’s his own. He’s a symbol for crying out loud for quite a few many years in his career. And he’s — that’s just a really, really sad loss to hear about. I mean so many people, even to this day right now in a room or on this block somewhere, are trying to emulate what he does; what he did. But thankfully, we have a lot of really incredible music that we will never have to not have.”

Here is the video of Charles Kelley dressed as Prince while Darius Rucker performs Purple Rain.

Keith Urban talks about what an amazing guitar player Prince was.


“The very first time I saw him was on MTV, you know? ‘1999,’ I guess was the song and video. That period you saw so many artists come and go, one hit wonder sort of thing, but there was something immediate about that track and about him and the way he performed. It was no surprise that that was going to be something of legend. That catalog of his is just mind-blowing. You kind of have to ask guitar players about Prince, because most people don’t seem to know [about his guitar playing], but every guitarist I’ve ever talked to knows he was a monster on guitar. Certainly when you went and saw him live, you’re just like, ‘Omigod! That’s you! You played on the records? Omigod!’

Other country stars reacted on Twitter over the death of Prince.

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Prince’s body was discovered early Thursday morning at his Paisley Park complex located in Minnesota. The “1999” and “Little Red Corvette” singer sold more than 100 million records during his career and won an Academy Award for Best Original Song Score for Purple Rain in 1985.

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