Merriam-Webster Dictionary’s 2016 NEW Additions

Author: Linda Lee

By: Linda Lee

Many of the new additions are popular acronym’s we commonly use in texting and on social media!

Merriam-Webster announced the latest additions to the company’s unabridged dictionary and among the 2,000-odd entries are acronym’s like FOMO, which is the “fear of missing out”.

As with every dictionary update, the words that are added are signs of the times, reflecting what we’re talking about and how we’re talking about it.

Here are a few more new additions:
athleisure: casual clothing designed to be worn both for exercising and for general use

compassion fatigue: apathy or indifference toward the suffering of others as the result of overexposure to tragic news stories and images

FOMO: fear of not being included in something

ICYMI: used to draw attention to something published or posted online earlier
meet-cute: a cute, charming, or amusing first encounter between romantic partners

nomophobian: fear of being without access to a working cell phone

TMI: too much information


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