Jessica Simpson’s Husband Caught in Nanny Cheating Scandal!

By: Roxanne Steele

Oh no say it isn’t so. Why is it always with the nanny?!

Jessica Simpson, 35, has been busy working and eyewitnesses say her husband Eric Johnson, 36, has been spotted getting cozy with the nanny!! An insider dished to tabloids about a recent hiking trip with the couples 28 year old nanny, son Ace and Eric.

“But a two-year-old doesn’t want to go on a long hike like that — especially with no stroller! Ace would have had more fun at the playground. This was obviously a chance for the two adults to spend some time alone with each other.”

Why does Eric need the nanny on this hiking trip? Can’t he handle his kid on his own?! Apparently they’ve been doing more than hiking! Other insiders are claiming that the nanny and Eric are going out to dinner and going to the grocery store together.

“If he’s hanging out with the nanny, it’s because he wants to be, and she can’t exactly tell her boss to get lost,” a source said.

Poor girl! Friends say that Jessica is ignoring these rumors. She might want to call Gwen Stefani who just went through this!! What do you think of this? Could this be Hollywood’s next big cheating scandal? I suppose time will tell!

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