Warning to the Neighbors: Saturday May 7th is ‘World Naked Gardening Day’

Author: Linda Lee

By: Linda Lee

I guess this depends on what your neighbors look like, it could be not so bad or totally disturbing, right?

This is for real too, Saturday May 7th is the date for the annual: World Naked Gardening Day: Annual Holiday Celebrating Nudism in Nature

On World Naked Gardening Day, people are encouraged to tend to the various flora around or outside their home while in the nude. The event is celebrated annually on the first Saturday of every May.

My advice is if your neighbors are close enough to easily see you outside in the yard, you might want to keep your ‘naked gardening’ indoors! After going to a ‘nude beach’ in Aruba, it seemed to me that all the people who were actually naked, should have kept themselves covered up like I did! Just sayin’…..LOL!

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