Super Busy Maren Morris Spends ‘FaceTime’ With Mom

Author: Linda Lee

By: Linda Lee

So how does a rising country star like Maren Morris still manage to stay close to Mom while promoting a debut album set for release and getting ready to hit the road on tour with Keith Urban? Here’s how…..

Maren Morris is a very busy woman these days! Maren’s song “My Church” is climbing the song charts. Her debut album Hero comes out June 3rd. Plus, right after her album comes out, she’s going on tour with Keith Urban! That’s a lot of news to call home with, and share with the family. Maren says that she and her parents, along with her sister, have a regular Sunday Facetime ritual so she can make sure weekly updates are shared with her parents.

Maren says that it’s great to have these conversations because just as much as it’s her dream coming true, in a way, it’s her parents too because they also have been there from the start.

Of course, this week’s conversation is sure to include a “Happy Mother’s Day” wish from Maren to her mom!


Info & audio courtesy of Sony Music Nashville

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