Reba Shares ‘Lessons Learned’ From Mom & Grandma! PODCAST

Author: Linda Lee

By: Linda Lee

I often wondered how Reba McEntire has remained so incredibly humble and gracious, and here’s a little insight. It sounds like she learned from the best…

Reba is glad to be back in Vegas for the next two weeks with Brooks & Dunn, but like any mother, she’s also glad to have this Sunday off for Mother’s Day. She was in Birmingham last week spending time with her son, Shelby. He’s 26 now and a professional race car driver. She hasn’t mentioned what her plans are for Sunday yet, but its no secret that she and her mom are really close.


Reba & her Mama (Reba McEntire Facebook page)

You’ll even see them together in her video (below) for “Just Like Them Horses.” Reba says, “She’s the one who taught me how to love.”  This super touching song and video is also dedicated in memory or Reba’s daddy Clark who passed away in 2014,

You learn a lot about people when they talk about those who they love the most, and here’s Reba recalling what she learned from her grandmother:

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