Man Finds A Mouse With Its Head Caught In An Outlet.

Author: Frank Williams Jr.

By: Frank Williams Jr.

I sure don’t like em’ but this one seems cute…

I’m not sure what this one guy in San Diego thought when he was cleaning out his house and found this!

By the look on the rats face, you can kind of get the feeling that it knows what it did!  You can check out the video here:

The rat, which is known as a Kangaroo Rat, squeaks a little bit, but as the man even says… ‘It’s your own fault isn’t it?’.

He finally pulls him off the wall, but before long the mouse gets fussy and tries to get free but it can’t.

‘He’s big, isn’t he?’ you can hear a woman say.

The pair then burst into fits of laughter whole the poor rat remained stuck in the plastic holder. But, at least it was out of the wall.

Poor guy!

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