Garth Brooks Finally Agrees to Play a Future Hoedown?

Author: Jason the 200 lb. Cowboy

Over the past weekend in Grand Rapids, Garth Brooks played six sold out shows!

“I’d stay here for six more (shows), this crowd is fantastic,” Brooks said about his latest Michigan stop.

Grunwald from the WYCD morning show took the trip to the west side of the state to talk with Garth and see how he was feeling after breaking more attendance records. “We’ve been very, very lucky. Hats off to the band and crew cuz they’re working hard and they deserve it,” Brooks said.

For the past eight years, Grunwald and Detroit fans have been hounding Garth to play the Hoedown again. Garth’s very first concert was the Hoedown in 1989 and we have been trying to get him back. At one point, he had said he would love to play the Hoedown again once his kids are grown and out of the house. Well, they are all grown and out of the house so it only seems right that he follows through on a promise.

So this happened: Garth made a deal with Grunwald at his Grand Rapids stop, saying, “If you’re there, I’m there.” “What do you mean?” Grunwald asked. “If you’re still there, I’m there,” Brooks reiterated, laughing “We’re taking care of each other.”  Garth says, “We’ll call in the G Clause.”

Garth also announced recently that he is bringing his tour back to New York City at Yankee Stadium. Garth played a free show at Central Park in 1997, attracting more than a million people.

Recalling that night, Garth said: “I come from a city of 17,000 people, so to look and see people for as far as you can see, back behind the trees, they closed 5th avenue. And the night was beautiful, perfect. It was a fantastic night.”


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