Brad Paisley Talks Big Prank He Pulled On Blake Shelton: Sorry For The Smell Dude!

By: Roxanne Steele

Brad Paisley is a known jokester in the country world. Don’t let that sweet smile fool you!

caught up with Paisley who was hosting Nashville’s annual Wild West Comedy Festival where he reminisced on the greatest prank he ever pulled on Blake Shelton!!

I suppose you get bored on the road so Paisley, 43, and his co-conspiring road manager set up a pop-up air freshener to the bottom of a table in Shelton’s tour bus. However the sweet-smelling stick had been replaced with raw chicken!! Shelton and his crew searched for two long days trying to track down the awful smell.

“They said they missed it every time they looked,” Paisley recalled, “because, it’s a stick-up air freshener, and why would it be this thing that smells like death?”

Once Shelton identified his culprit, he laughed off the prank. “He and I are very much that way, cut from the same cloth,” Paisley said.

Too funny could you imagine the stench from raw chicken meat?! Good one Brad! Get ready to see Brad Paisley at this years HOEDOWN!! Get your tickets!! I wonder what pranks he’ll be playing on the road for this tour….

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