Jana Kramer is Shutting Down Mommy Shamers

Author: Jason the 200 lb. Cowboy

There’s one thing Jana Kramer won’t deal with: online bullying. On Wednesday, after posting a picture of a rather large baby food purchase for her daughter, Jolie, fans and trolls began commenting with their unsolicited advice, either saying Jolie was too young to eat baby food or pointing out negative facts about jarred food, in general.

A not-so-happy Jana took to Instagram, yesterday (Friday) morning to respond to her haters, posting a handwritten note, giving her thoughts on the matter. It read, “Dear Mommy Shamers, Unless you are Jolie’s doctor, her father, or her mom, do NOT tell me how to raise my child, or how to feed her. Sincerely, Jolie’s MOM.”

Jana’s friends were worried she wouldn’t take well to motherhood, but boy, were they wrong. The songstress seems to be doing just fine. Jana talks about how her friends didn’t know how she would take to being a mom. “I’m not a very patient person, so they thought I’d be losing my mind. But I’m like, ‘It’s all good. It’s cool.’ And they’re like, ‘What? Who are you?’ [laughter fades]”

Jana’s daughter is already on the road with her while she tours this summer.

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