Selena Gomez’s Family Raises Money for Christina Grimmie After Tragic Death

Author: Roxanne Steele

We were still processing the news of The Voice contestant Christina Grimmie being shot to death in Orlando when the horrific mass shooting took place at Pulse Nightclub. A rough weekend for the city of Orlando.

The former #TeamAdam contestant on season 6 was a close friend of Selena Gomez and her family for many years before she was tragically killed. The rising star, Christina, 22, was tragically shot during a meet-and-greet with fans after her show in Orlando on June 10, when a man approached her with a gun and shot her five times. This was taken right before her show.

Everybody wants to do something to help her family so Selena’s stepfather, Brian Teefey, started a fundraiser online. In just a couple days Christina’s fans raised nearly ten times the amount originally asked to help her family. You can donate too and help spread the word about Grimmie’s GoFundMe page.

Countless celebrities paid tribute to Christina including Miranda Lambert.

“Something real sad happened today,” Miranda told her fans, “an artist named Christina Grimmie was shot when she was signing autographs for her fans last night in Florida. I just want to sing this song. I want us to sing this up to her, because she went home tonight.”

Miranda sang her hit song, “The House That Built Me” and that song touched every heart in the crowd. Take a look.

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