Keith Urban and Nicole Kidman Trade Sweet Anniversary Messages

By Amanda Wicks

There’s no shortage to the cuteness that is Keith Urban and Nicole Kidman. After being married for ten years, they are clearly still head over heels about one another.

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Saturday (June 25) marked the couple’s anniversary, but unfortunately they weren’t able to spend it together. Urban was busy playing a show in Boston, and Kidman was out in Australia filming a movie. But that didn’t stop them from sharing sweet pictures and messages online.

On Twitter, Urban shared a picture of the couple minutes after they’d met for the first time. He wrote about the pic, “Our very first photo together 2005, minutes after being introduced. HAPPY ANNIVERSARY BABY. LOOOOOVE YOU! xxxxx -KU”

Following his show on Saturday, Urban posted a video message thanking his fans in Boston for their sweet signs and sharing that he was headed to the airport. At the gig, Urban told the crowd he would be flying to Australia in between shows to celebrate with Kidman, according to CMT.

Kidman, meanwhile, shared a pic of their first date on Twitter.

Check out the cuteness below.

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