Kenny Chesney Postpones New Album to Include P!nk Duet

By Amanda Wicks

Kenny Chesney has new music on the way, but he’s decided to push the album back to a late October release in order to get everything just right. That’s because Chesney struck up a creative friendship with P!nk and he invited her to duet on one of his songs. As a result, Chesney’s upcoming album Some Town Somewhere won’t be available until October 28th.

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After hearing one of the songs he intended to include on the album, “Setting the World On Fire,” Chesney felt it lacked a certain something. He decided it needed a female voice, and turned naturally to his burgeoning friendship with P!nk.

“P!nk’s voice holds so many feelings all at the same time: joy, desire, a bit of toughness, a little hurt,” he said of the pop star in a press release. “She’s an incredible singer – and has this great tone that shines but has a little wear to it, but doesn’t sound beat up. So I called her.”

He added, “The thing about P!nk, beyond what a great singer she is, is what a generous spirit she has. To me, great singers are the ones who can get inside a song and capture the spark. When you hear P!nk on this song, you believe her–and to me, that’s everything the song required to come to life.”

Even though recording and adding the duet with P!nk meant a delay, Chesney knew it would be worth the wait. “Sure, it would be easier to just leave everything on schedule,” he said. “But when you have something you know is great, and it captures the best part of being alive, why wouldn’t you slow down enough to make it happen in the moment? That’s what ‘Setting The World On Fire’ is all about – and I figure it may be a while before I make another record, and I don’t want to wait to share this because it’s so good.”

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