Jon Pardi Talks About Drunk-Facetiming His Artist Friends

Author: Jason the 200 lb. Cowboy

Jon Pardi‘s drink of choice is exactly one shot of tequila. He openly admits that any more than one will bring out his alter ego, Juan Fiesta, who is the biggest “Pardi Animal” of all time.

A few months ago, Jon and his band were spending the day in California, and Juan Fiesta ended up making an appearance. Instead of heading to bed to sleep it off, Jon decided to FaceTime a few of his artist friends — because, hey, why not?

Dustin Lynch was one of the lucky artists to receive a call. “We were hammered drunk one time after an awesome day at the beach. All of a sudden, I got this whole emotion over me that I should Facetime all my artist friends. So, the Brothers Osborne picked up. Chase Bryant picked up. And Dustin picked up, and he couldn’t talk, but he just smiled and showed me where he was, but I love Dustin. I love his big smile.”

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