Big E From The WWE Tag Team Champions The New Day Is Ready For The Wyatt Family

Author: Jason the 200 lb. Cowboy

Big E from the WWE Tag Team Champions, The New Day, is ready to take on the Wyatt Family at the Wyatt Family Compound on Monday Night RAW from Detroit tonight!

I had a chance to talk with Big E over the phone to talk about his pending confrontation with the Wyatt’s. Big E says this is something new for his team and he thinks the fans will like what they have in store. “We’re seeing the resurgence of the Wyatt’s and I think that’s a good thing for our fans to see a feud that feels new. We hope they can sink their teeth into for the next few weeks and see what goes from there.” Big E says they accepted an invitation to go to the Wyatt compound and tonight, we will find out what happens. Big E says of the pending confrontation, “We haven’t taken on a challenge like this before.”

Tune into Monday Night RAW on the USA Network at 9p!

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