Miranda Lambert Has A Built-In Stray Dog Finder

Author: Jason the 200 lb. Cowboy

While Miranda Lambert is out on her Keeper of the Flame tour this summer, she has three fluffy friends attending most of her shows. Her rescue pups Delta Dawn, Cher and Bellamy are just three of seven that she has, but they’re the lucky furballs who get to travel with their country star mama.

When they join her on the road, ‘Ran says, she feels a little more at home and they keep her grounded. She knows she’s lucky when it comes to her pups, but she’s always keeping an eye out if a friend is needing a dog.

Miranda talks about finding strays. “You know, I’m always asking people if they want a dog, so if I run across one… You know, I’m really lucky at finding, knock on wood, I’m really lucky at finding strays too. I keep the best ones.” ‘Ran and her mom Bev started MuttNation in 2009, helping raise the awareness of shelter dogs and find homes for those in need.

In other Miranda Lambert News, she has a new single out called Vice! Listen to it HERE!!

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